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If you are looking for a ready-to-go book without wading through the concept development phase, we have a full collection of shows at varying levels of difficulty.  All of these productions are either original music or are arranged from Public Domain music.  There is NO COPYRIGHT permission needed for many of these shows.  Each show includes the wind score and parts.

For shows requiring copyright permission, we must have completed permission to arrange documentation.

Full percussion scoring is also available for many of these productions. You may select batterie only, front ensemble only or both.  Availability is indicated on each show's page. 


Concept and effect-driven programs of original music give you great opportunities for maximum coordination and cohesion of the design elements in your show.  Let us craft your new book specifically for the effect moments and conceptual framework you have in mind.  These shows do not require copyright permission for your program for a period of one year.  Each original show comes with the wind score and parts, percussion cues, and mp3.  You may also commission one of our percussion writers to complete your package or choose use your own percussion arranger. 


New arrangements of existing music are our most common type of commission.  If all you need is for us to produce the soundtrack for a design and/or music you have already selected, we are happy to bring our experience and expertise to your table!  

Copyright clearance must be obtained in order for us to participate in arrangements of copyrighted music.  No 
arrangements will be delivered without a completed "permission to arrange agreement." 

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