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It's no longer about just having all the right pieces to the puzzle.  It's about having a better puzzle. 

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We are excited to bring you the new collection of marching band shows to meet your  2023 competitive needs. Our desire is to offer fresh, exciting titles that will showcase your band in the best possible, most artistic light.   Our first priority is always the quality of the experience for your students while creating a competitively powerful production.Take the field with confidence, knowing you have a product that will elevate your artistry and give your students the edge from an aesthetic perspective.  Whether you are looking for one of our ready-to-go productions, a new, original work for the field, or arrangements, we can help you. 

Welcome to your 2023 season.

Welcome to your imagination.

Welcome to!


by Leslie Gilreath

We start every show with quality music in mind.  Whether it's an original book or a new setting of a masterpiece, the goal is to help your students make great music.  The soundtrack to your successful season begins with imaginative treatment of thematic material, super-smart scoring, and a fresh, emotion-packed, exciting, effect-driven perspective, all with an educational end in mind! 


by John Willmarth, Bill Register

The effectiveness of a percussion book can make or break any show. Writing to maximize the soundtrack to your program is the primary focus of our process.  Decades of experience creating for and being involved in top quality programs gives these guys a unique perspective to highlight your students in fresh and creative ways while maintaining an educationally sound set of objectives.

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