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Without a doubt, one of the most important objectives when selecting a show is to have an effective concept to drive your programming.   From abstract, minimalist concepts to full story-lines, your success depends on choosing an idea that allows you to communicate aesthetically in a way that fully engages and makes a real connection with your audience.  

Our programming process will include:

  • An initial consultation:
    We will talk with you about your goals for the season, taking into consideration the resources at your disposal and the strengths of your band program.  Matching what you have and can do with what you want to do is a major consideration. 


  • Concept creation/development: 
    Whether we are creating your concept from scratch or helping develop an idea that you have, we are dedicated to making sure you have the right tools to bring the right art to the field the right way! 


  • Show Title Development: 
    The right title is more than what you will see on your show shirts for the season.  It's part of the connection you will make to your students and community.  It's the word or phrase that will be the inspiration for connecting all the dots, crossing the T's and dotting the I's. 


  • Music Selection:
    We will provide a list of musical selections for your show with a timeline of how they fit together and how they will work conceptually. 


  • Copyright: 
    We will guide you through the copyright process if you plan to use previously composed music outside the Public Domain. 


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